Press 12.21.2018

Merry Christmas

End of the year budget, planning of activities and new projects on the doorstep.

During 2018 we have tied significant partnerships with important companies and strengthen relations with famous training schools.

We believe in the importance and the need to create a community in which growing with awareness and responsibility.

The seed has put branches and leaves and began to live. And when you put a seed and a tree grows nothing can stop it and the world around it becomes different. The strength of trees is that when they grow up they not only occupy a space, but change the landscape around them. It’s what people do too.

We respond to these changes working hard to offer you the best tools to let you get the best extraction for every type of coffee. To express your potential. Because the most beautiful thing you can wish for anyone is to exist, fully.

Merry Christmas. Ready to start a new year together.



Mariaelena Zanocco

Marketing dpt.