Press 04.04.2019

Elektra Belle Epoque at “Bosc de les Fades”

Bosc de les Fades is one of the most unusual attraction of Barcelona. We can’t define it like a Coffee Shop because the atmosphere inside makes you feel in wonderland.

Located nearby the Wax Museum, its setting reproduces a forest, using trunks and branches made by artificial materials.
There are mirrors, optical illusions, magical figures and atmospheric lights in order to create a place that surprise and fascinate. In this visual scene, there is a presence of a unique espresso machine: the Elektra Belle Epoque.

Coffee at Bosc de les Fades is a Premium product that meets the highest quality requirements. The coffee beans are coming from Africa, South America and Asia and are roasted by Fincafe. Innovative techniques and a skillful knowledge of the product give life to an aroma and a flavor faithful to the style and essence of the Bosc de les Fades: a unique and personal cup of coffee