Press 05.24.2017

Elektra believes in education

Many of you may know the Elektra coffee machines, but maybe not all of you have had the chance of breathing the soul of the Italian company located in Treviso.

Elektra does not only produce coffee machines, but it has a deep soul which drives the company itself to take care of every detail. In particular, Elektra believes that people are the true focus of every action.

In accordance with this principle, education is the base for a people’s professional growth with the goal of understanding the coffee world and its dynamics. This is the reason why Elektra is working on several fronts to support the coffee Academy/Schools organized to share the coffee culture.

On 3rd -5th May 2017, Elektra’s CEO Mr. Federico Fregnan was in Bari at the Barproject Academy founded by Mr. Claudio Lepore to listen to the incoming requests of young Baristas and to stimulate a growth process giving importance to the trainings, innovation and the technology.

The result of this meeting between Federico Fregnan, owner of one of the “made in Italy” company known for its excellence, and Claudio Lepore has been the birth of a magic corner at the Barproject Academy, that is an actual school for anyone who would like to join the coffee world in a professional way.

Moreover, this last meeting was an important moment to consolidate a business relationship which wants to be strong and continuous. In fact, Elektra supports Barproject Academy during its training events providing to the school several coffee machines, in particular INDIE, the new born in Elektra, KUP, SIXTIES and some NINO coffee grinders.

During this three-day event the Korean bartender HaNeul Lee, Latte Art specialist, used INDIE, the machine designed to meet the the Specialty coffee world requests. She has delighted everybody there with real artwork.

Several local coffee roasters like torrefazione Michele Battista, Vero Nero Caffè, Brunocaffè , Caffè Dolmen and Caffè Fadi took part to the full-immersion event.

Even now, after the event, Barproject Academy will be open to everyone who would like to test the Elektra coffee machines and Mr Maurizio Lovreglio will be available to give you any kind of information.

Elektra and Barproject will still be together as main partners at the Splash-Bartender Festival next 5th June. The event will take place in Puglia in the beautiful background of Cala Cerasa. The whole day will be led by concerts, educational events, tastings, exhibition stands and innovations.

During the festival, there will be three competitions focused on Coffee Culture, Basic Bartending and Mixology. It will be possible to see Elektra coffee machines on the stage and in the tasting area for the event,  the queen will be the INDIE coffee machine of course!!.

Attending these events Elektra is proving once again its presence among the coffee operators who would like to be distinguished.

Listening, dialogue and cooperation are the main values that Elektra is promoting.