Press 01.12.2018

Big success for the Belle Epoque Origine

After less than one year from its presentation, that took place during the Triestespresso exhibition, the 70 units of the Belle Epoque Origine Limited Edition have been already  sold out and delivered  to the most trendy places all over the world.

Every time we enter into an exclusive location committed to details and we see an Elektra, we feel really proud. It is wonderful because we don’t simply manufacture coffee machines, but we bring your dreams to live, which merge with ours.

If you look for giving a special look to your coffee shop hurry up and ask for the few units left of the  Belle Epoque Riforma Limited Edition by writing at this link.

If, instead, you are passionate about the most advanced technology in the market you cannot miss to try the innovative INDIE, that manages the temperature of the groups, the coffee dose adjustment and the infusion time independently, all this in real time through an intelligent touch-screen display.