Press 05.20.2019

Barista Stories

Most of the time, inside a Coffee Shops1882 of Vergnano, you will find an Elektra Belle Epoque together with a Barista.

Work behind the counter is, first of all, a passion, just like photography.
So, baristas’ s stories take shape through portraits and few close-up.
You can work as Barista to realize your dreaming job, by chance, because you love your working place, your colleagues and so on…
Caffè Vergano promotes a new photography project in order to show, through different shots, dreams, anecdotes and scenes of the baristas everyday life.
From portraits emerges the Soul of the baristas, smiling people with so different background and stories to tell but with one thing in common: a strong passion for what they choose to do.

From May you can find these pics on Instagram, made by the photographer Martina Rigotti, following the hashtag #baristastories

So far, we prefer that one…