Events,News 11.25.2015

Welcome 2GO the new capsule coffee machine

It’s always time to enjoy a good coffee: you can get it at home, at the coffee shop, at the restaurant and for each of these situations Elektra has the solution. From now on the new 2GOcapsule coffee machine is the answer for all the low-consuming hospitality organizations, like B&B, pastry shops, catering agencies etc.
When we develop a new espresso machine, we do our best for giving it the highest value. We study design down to the smallest details adopting the most advanced technologies, We care about the reliability of the machine and its consistency in making perfect espressos. The 2GO is a unique project: we provided a professional dispenser, low-consumption technology, an automatic milk frothing system and above all its body is customizable. This masterwork It is the result of a successful collaboration between Elektra and Caffè La Messicana from Piacenza, with whom we have identified this market niche . Behind every good coffee there is an Elektra!