Events,News 02.17.2016

We are ready for Chicago

Our Espresso machines are supported by almost unattainable technologies. Nevertheless their beauty, their noble materials, their flawless finishings and their elegant design stands often above their functionality. People understand the difference between an Espresso machine and an Elektra just if they see our products personally and if they use them. Because of that, our machines are displayed in the most important fairs worldwide, with success between the visitors and great satisfaction between the importers.
In March we will exhibit in Chicago,in Hamburg at InterNorga and in Amsterdam at the Coffee Festival
In April instead we will be at the Hotelex in Shangai, FHA in Singapore, at SCAA in Atlanta and at Caffè Expo in Seoul.
Especially in Chicago , thanks to the support of our Importer Espresso4Home, we will present our products at the International House wares Show. An elegant Interior Design Fair, a place where design meets Technology, the perfect place for our machines.
A fair dedicated to innovation, where all the market players will find the next Trend and the right Partners to present the most advanced products in the market.
Among the prestigious Brands of international Companies there will be also Elektra: a family-owned company since 1947 symbol of Made in Italy and always at the first place in terms of Research & Development.