News 02.13.2018

Venice Coffee Tour

Have you ever walked around Venice following the scent of the coffee?

It is thought that is arrived in Europe around the year 1615 thanks to the Venetian merchants, and it is no coincidence that the first cafeteria in Italy was opened in Piazza San Marco.

Coffee as cultural centers, meeting points for writers, politicians and scholars of all times.

And today? Today the meeting centers are the most varied and it is customary in Venice to go for “bacari”, small clubs that characterize the city in a unique way. They present themselves with a very special format and are appreciated by an extremely heterogeneous public.

But why not make an alternative “Bacaro Tour”?

A real Tour in which the charm of Venice and the scent of the coffee blend together creating a unique atmosphere.

This is why the Elektra Venice Coffee Tour was born. A varied route that passes by the unique 7 stars hotel in Venice to “Campi” in which the atmosphere is young and lively, all of them with common point: to drink an excellent cup of coffee.