Events,News 10.12.2016

Two limited edition models for our 70th anniversary

Another International preview for Elektra at Triestespresso who will uncover “Origine” and “Riforma”
for its seventieth birthday. The two machines, very precious and beautiful, according to those who have already been able to admire in our workshop, are manufactured in limited series of 70 units only.
<<This year was very special and unique for Elektra>> says Elektra’s CEO Federico Fregnan, <<In the first
months we launched “INDIE” our technological most advanced model, and the huge market demand is
difficult to satisfy. Then “2GO”has arrived, the first capsule machine with professional delivery groups
developed for low-coffeeconsumption that want to serve high quality into the cup anyway. Right after
Elektra gave the last respects to its founder, my father, a major loss for everyone.
Hiring three new managers we have consolidated our organization coming to the end of the year with
two more surprising models, symbolizing the soul and the history of our 70 years of projects, work and success. In Trieste we will seal an extraordinary moment of our history, but at the same time we will open a new Era with even better perspectives. For this circumstance, we would like to have with us all our friends,
and all of them who are interested in knowing our products and our working philosophy>>.
The Origine and Riforma presentation ceremony is on Thursday, October the 20th at 10.30am at
Elektra’s booth, Hall 27 Stand 26