News 01.10.2017

The world is close

Mario Malavasi, Sales Director, analyzes the most significant events for Elektra in 2106

Since the 50’s the Elektra work is appreciated also outside Italy. I believe that part of our success abroad is due to the attitude of the company of communicating with other cultures. If, beyond this,  we remind the company ability to find solutions to complex requests coming from around the world, we understand why, even in this 2016 more than 80% of our turnover comes from foreign countries. And just abroad we have focused our major sales energies this year. First of all on the Road Show in China. Six months of preparation, a month of travel and a very professional partner who perfectly arranged a really complex schedule. Elektra has approached the Chinese market with the same attention to detail and love for the perfection with which it builds its machines. The successes never come by accident! The commercial mission to China stopped in 12 different cities, Shanghai, HangZhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Ji’nan, Taiyuan, Changchun, Shenyang, Tianjin. At the same time Elektra was also present at the exhibitions of Hotelex in Shanghai and Cafe’ Expo in Wuhan. Two important and popular fairs, where our machines were much admired. In Wuhan in particular, Elektra was the sponsor of a contest for bartenders and it was a great satisfaction to see professional baristas using our machines at the best of their potentialities and then coming to us to congratulate for their efficiency and ergonomics.
The arrival in our Team of Filippo Di Remigio, appointed as Responsible for the German-speaking countries, has produced remarkable positive effects. In Germany for example, we worked to consolidate our existing sales network and started new promising partnerships in the regions not yet covered, both in Austria and in Germany. By the end of 2017 we even plan to open a small place equipped with Elektra products in Germany, where to present our machines and provide commercial support to our customers.

Extremely stimulating is also the 2GO project. The first machine with capsule with a professional delivery group that Elektra has produced to meet a new segment of the market which is now of significant size. The espresso culture, since a while,  managed to escape from the limited area of bars and restaurants and reached many other situations called “low-consuming”. The fact that the consumptions are reduced, however, does not mean that they should also be of low quality. Hence the 2GO offers to places such as B&B, business coffee-corners, catering companies, small shops and of course even the most demanding home users, a cup of coffee comparable to the espresso drunk at the bar.

Of course also in this 2016 our presence in all the most significant trade Shows organized in Europe, Asia and America has been granted through the cooperation with our importers.
This commitment will be reaffirmed and strengthened in 2017 because for us it is a rare and valuable opportunity for meeting with the users of our product. Their opinions and the many tips are one of the best propellant for our evolution.

I conclude my analysis with a note of sweet satisfaction dedicated to INDIE, a brave and highly sophisticated product that has been installed since long time now – and gets enthusiastic feedbacks – in America, Korea, China, Europe and Australia. The good news is that by the first half of 2017 INDIE will also be available in 3 groups. I will for sure keep you updated about that and in the meantime I wish you to spend happy holidays and all the best for 2017.