Events,News 10.04.2016

Science, culture and friendship

The thing that surprised everyone the most, at the end of the three days training organized by Umami Area at Elektra is that, besides having reinforced in all the attendants the coffee culture,  there has been, even more, an enrichment of friendship and sharing. On the first day there was just a group of professionals people so determined to decide to leave their job in Germany, Spain and Italy for almost one week. At the greetings moment there was just a group of friends that was swearing to meet again soon to continue a journey of discovery and innovation. A friendship born between accurate scales and refractometers, grown along with experiences of sensory analysis, cupping and brewing tests, and reinforced for life during dinner, round a table in a pizzeria. The Barista Umami Camp Course included four different modules: Basic Sensory analysis, Intermediate Sensory analysis, Basic Barista and Intermediate Barista. All issuing the SCAE Coffee Diploma System. Along with all these professional goals the Barista Academy of Elektra was also an opportunity to test, actually to squeeze thoroughly, the new INDIE, the most advanced model of Elektra, developed by thinking to the professional baristas who love to do research and experiment on espresso . The success of this first project of the recent binomial Elektra/Umami has been that big that it was decided to change the programs that Elektra had for TriesteEspresso, the important trade fair to be held October 20th to 22nd. Our stand, that we will share as good brothers with the professionals of Umami Area, is going to become a place to welcome micro-roasteries, professional baristas, coffee experts and espresso passionate. A small Italian-style square to socialize and talk about the most beloved beverage in the world.