Events,News 12.16.2015

In the vertical dream soars a Belle Epoque

The Mole Antonelliana, much more than just the architectural symbol of Torino! It is the monument dedicated to the Italian unification, deeply wanted by the capital of that time. We are in 1889 and the Mole was the highest masonry building in a period of huge technological, intellectual and social revolutions. All that, together with the Italian identity, was concentrated in this 167 magnificent meters of architectonical excellence, which his creator and after all the Italians have always called “the vertical dream”. Today in this majestic, elegant and ambitious building takes place the National Cinema Museum, another jewel of the Italian culture. To welcome all the visitors an Eataly Restaurant and a Vergnano coffee shop have been set up. This exclusive and vertical context could not be without our Belle Epoque. Eataly and Vergnano have no doubt: for the most significant Italian monument they need an Elektra.