News 06.09.2018

Elektra is a standard bearer of Italian quality and tradition.

Elektra’s philosophy is open to change but always keeping in consideration the qualitative principles of the Made in Italy, like the Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee is doing.

The Fregnan family, which has been managing Elektra srl ​​since 1947 and has a long experience in the field of engineering applied to espresso coffee machines, became part of the Consortium whose main object is the promotion, enhancement and protection of the Italian Traditional Espresso Coffee.

The goal is to obtain UNESCO’s recognition of the Italian Espresso Coffee as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


Giorgio Caballini of Sassoferrato, President of Ctceit, thanked Federico Fregnan, owner of Elektra Srl, for having decided to share the cultural project of the Consortium and hopes that: “this new entry into the Consortium could be an example for all those companies or associations that wants to become flagships of Italian quality and tradition.” All together, therefore, to establish the role and the importance of the true Italian Traditional Espresso Coffee in the world.


In Elektra – says Fregnan- we are aware of belonging to a company that is internationally recognized and appreciated for its influence in the coffee industry. So we are committed to respect and all those who have contributed to spread the culture of this beverage that distinguishes us Worldwide: The Italian Traditional Espresso.