Events,News 11.02.2016


Triestespresso Expo has experienced a lively off-site events thanks to Umami Area, directed by Andrej Godina, and his “Io bevo caffè di qualità” Trieste 2016. Elektra, that for 70 years has been studying, designing and still working to provide espresso machines always more performing and safe, was partner of this program.
In three days, at the Caffè San Marco in Trieste, there have been 37 events, including tastings, workshops, conferences and even social occasions. The opening of the dense schedule was a conversation with Enrico Maltoni, historian, collector and restorer of espresso machines of international calibre.
During his speech, which was titled “The history of espresso machine” Elektra has been named several times. The many international patents, which in some cases have been also used by all other manufacturers, and the innovations in the design have clearly made their mark in the industry. For those who want to know all the innovations designed by Elektra, here you can see a synthetic scheme. At the end of the historical excursus, also enriched by amusing stories, several questions were asked to Mr. Maltoni from the audience. One of them was which would be the recommendations that he felt to give to Elektra to improve even more its work and the answer was very rewarding for us. The historian collector has recognized to our company such a strong and clear identity that, in his opinion, we should just continue on the path we traced. Definitely without distractions, but also without any deviations or disruptions. And this is the promise and the commitments we make to all our customers. Every day.