News 10.05.2015

Elektra houses at HOST 2015 Cosmin Mihailov

It ‘s official: Elektra houses in its stand at HOST 2015 Cosmin Mihailov, one of Europe’s most quoted Barista Coffee Master, qualified in the Top 20 at the New York World Coffee Masters and in the Top 10 at the London Coffee Masters.
Cosim has tested in advance the new espresso machine indie and he is left enthusiastic about.

Of indie has appreciated in particular, the accuracy of the brewing temperature control, at levels never reached so far, and the brewing groups management, independent in all their functions.

The passion for coffee and the unique performance of indie shall be the protagonists of the Barista Training Show that Cosmin will give during all days of the exhibition.

We are waiting for you to the Host 2015 Pav. 15 N48 Q48.