News 10.12.2015

Elektra booth at HOST 2015 A Chill Out area for planning together

 INDIE likes open minds, the experimenters, innovators and fans of the best coffee.

INDIE is the result of a t brave thought, unconventional and is a jewel of design that illuminates the place where it works.

INDIE is an expression of an advanced technology that makes it become a meek and intelligent working partner. It is also what you don’t expect, but you’re happy to find.

Come to visit our booth at Host 2015 Hall 15 Q48 N48, you’ll meet Joshua Birch, which is planning in San Francisco a new format of cafeteria where INDIE will be the star.

Perhaps by talking with him in our chill out area, specifically created to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas, we could become richer in knowledge and experience.

See you soon!!