Events,News,Press 11.07.2016

Elektra “BELLE EPOQUE” limited edition at the center of coffees shops and social relations

Elektra has chosen to tell its 70 years of history in the most congenial way of its personality: by manufacturing RIFORMA and ORIGINE, two very special machines, in limited edition. No selfcelebration then, but a useful and practical proposal for everyone, able to consolidate the culture of the Italian espresso in the world. RIFORMA in particular is a project of research and restoration of the most ancient machines produced by the historical manufacturer of Treviso. << At Elektra we read the oxidized curves of our historic machines, which we find in some old premises or in some cellars of hotels and restaurants that closed long time ago, we observe them and we start listening to them. >> says the general manager of Elektra, Federico Fregnan. << The best ones then are completely dismantled and recalibrated. They lived so many stories and it would be a shame not to share them with men and women sensitive to this charm. So we provided a new and modern heart to these precious and beautiful witnesses of our history. In this way they will continue to be the totem around which people gather to enjoy a creamy Italian espresso. Live beautiful moments worthy of being celebrated and told: that’s why Riforma and Origine were born. >>

RIFORMA and ORIGINE will be produced in 70 units each and will be available from January 2017. The world premiere took place during Triestespresso Expo facing a large audience that has shown interest beyond the expectations. In addition to coffee shop owners and distributors of different countries, even several designers and interior decorators have already booked these two jewels of technology, design and history. << An important signal that makes us understand how the espresso machine is returning to have a central location in the trendy clubs and social places. >> Federico Fregnan concluded.