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Godina INDIE

The “Knowledge” is that place where converge on the fruits of the thought and the application of that thought. The Knowledge of Elektra is a discipline and a style of work. More than anything, Knowledge is a form of respect for the customers. The company of the Fregnan family employs all his energies to collect insights, studying solutions and enrich its products. It does not follow trends, but monitors the needs that are hiding behind the trends and to do this is working with cultural operators and innovative and prepared. That’s why Elektra has chosen to be the protagonist of the next educational and cultural events organized by Umami Area, the Florentine association chaired by Andrej Godina. The cooperation embraces a program that has a number of initiatives, aimed on the one hand to the industry and the other to the audience of the coffee world lovers. The first will have the opportunity to improve their professionalism and the second to approach, with outreach mode, the issue of the quality of the product. Elektra-Umami partnership also provides for the co-production of events during the 2016 edition of “I drink quality coffee”, to be held in October in Trieste, in simultaneous appointment with TriestEspresso Expo 2016. All events are free and open to the public, focused on sharing knowledge and on the very special pleasure of conviviality that is typical of the Italian espresso. Elektra, which manufactures espresso coffee machines since 1947, has identified in the Umami team trainers, competent professionals able to exchange a fertile confrontation with the company. “Our company is engaged in product culture for almost 70 years and in the pursuit of excellence which is typical of the Made in Italy.” Says Federico Fregnan, general manager of Elektra . Over the course of our research and development process, we have recognized Andrej Godina and in his Association “Umami Area”, an authoritative interlocutor with whom to make a long journey together. The dialogue and the exchange of knowledge involved immediately launch of the new and revolutionary “INDIE“, recently presented at the SCAE World of Coffee in Dublin, one of the European reference events for the world of specialty coffee, the coffee beans lovers and talented bartenders. Soon this unique and innovative machine will be part of the equipments in use in the Umami Area school. With the common goal for excellence, the two partners will be joined in the technical and bartenders trainings, both in the halls of Florence and the Barista Academy of Elektra inaugurated six months ago in the headquarters of Treviso. The first “Umami Barista Camp” training event, based on the modules of the SCAE Coffee Certificate System, will be held at the Venetian Academy from 26 till 28 of September. “Since its beginnings, at the end of 2014, Umami Area has made the diffusion of coffee culture and education its main fields of activity,” explains Andrej Godina, president of the association. “The collaboration with Elektra is part of the will to prove, not only in Italy but also abroad, that the know- how on the espresso coffee is 100% Made in Italy and that, only by making network, the” Italian ” coffee chain will reassert itself, and cup of espresso, the high quality one, will be recognized worldwide. In the coming months, there will be a special edition of “I drink quality coffee”, which will liven up the historic café Antico Caffè San Marco in Trieste from October 19th to 22ndTrieste “the coffee capital”, the events dedicated to the espresso lovers, including insights and tastings, will have as many professional players of the coffee chain, with Umami and Elektra in the forefront.