Events,News 12.03.2015

Elektra and Rivadossi excellence project

Elektra and Rivadossi have a lot in common. For example the long and prestigious history. Both of them are family owned companies in the “made in Italy” excellence sector and both of them are taking care of the home accessories branch. A convergence of views which developed into a partnership. For Christmas advent an event has been organized in a home Appliances prestigious store, with a corner and an entire window shop dedicated to present the innovative Rivadossi cutlery products. The star is also Nivola, our design solution espresso machine for home.In the showcase, the most prestigious position, there is a Belle Epoque, which has always been our icon, the symbol of our work. This operation was made possible by the vision of Rubacuore, an historical shop in Conegliano, who believed, together with us, in this business proposal that transmits culture. The sense of aestethics, the value of specialized craft, the respect for the consumer and the creativity are values that have been always guiding us. We want to repeat this experience, that led us to know Rivadossi and Rubacuore, because it represent our philosophy.