News 01.12.2016

Do you want to join us?

The winter holidays are over and for us was a time of thoughts and planning.
But Elektra is also an operational reality, a factory of excellence in handcraft production and the success of its work involves upgrades and implementations. Two new espresso machines will be ready soon, INDIE and 2GO, and some will be updated during 2016. Therefore, we took advantage of the holiday time for designing a new layout of the factory, to enhance our manufacturing facilities and create new workplaces. Also our costumers relationship management has been improved, with a new person in the sales department and a new marketing manager, in order to support importers and distributors in their work. We launched EK Magazine,Elektras Newsletter, everyone can receive it and being one of us, just by subscribing. The new year has not begun yet but we are running already. Do you want to join us?