Events,News 12.19.2016

Christmas Cappuccino

We have asked to the coffee expert Andrej Godina to create, for all our friends, a special coffee for Crhistmas time. And he did!

As you know December reminds us a lot of typical Christmas bakery recipes as the most Italian famous one, the Panettone. The traditional Panettone’s ingredients are flour, yeast, butter, eggs, candied fruits, orange and cedar peels, dried raisin. These aromas can easily be found also in some coffees that, roasted more dark for espresso, in comparison to a clearer colour for filter, characterize the aromatic analysis of the cup. For example a classical example of citric and bergamot aroma could be found in Ethiopians coffees produced in Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions. Mandarin and red orange aromas with a hint of dried orange peels could be easily found in Arabica washed coffees in the high altitude of Central American countries as micro lots SHG coming from the Copan region in Honduras. Some Arabica coffees grown in low altitude in the south of Brazil can bring to espresso cup full-bodied, creamy almost buttery mouthfeel. At the end spicy and dark chocolate odours are typical of Indonesian coffees, for example produced in Sumatra island. I suggest to all coffee lovers a simple Christmas recipe that can be drunk during Christmas time to be enjoyed with parents and friends.

“Crhistmas Cappuccino ”, ingredients: double espresso shot prepared with a coffee blend composed by the mentioned coffee types, aromatized cappuccino cup with the essential oils of an orange peel, foamed whole fresh milk enriched at the end with a hint of cinnamon.