News 04.29.2015

After 35 years the legendary MODERN retires

After a long “career” model MODERN, born by the expert hands of our founder Fregnan Florindo, first espresso machine automatic volumetric in the world, taken out of production. Since 1980 this model has evolved substantially with changes and updates.
An increasingly demanding and evolving imposed the construction of larger machines with specifications more and more sophisticated.
The exit from the scene of the Modern closes definitely a historical chapter for our company.

Definitely going to make the same success, enters the Elektra KUP Machine equipped with important and exclusive technical and aesthetic innovations:

  • The larger cup holders in its class
  • Delivery units positioned on the side of the grinder and the services steam and water on the opposite side to allow the use of the machine even with 2 operators simultaneously
  • Body customizable with an unlimited catalog of colors and graphics

Other basic technical characteristics that make KUP preferred by international experts of coffee:

  • Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+/- 0.25°C)
  • Control Infusion suitability according to the standards of Italian espresso, with reporting anomalies
  • Boilers with larger capacity for higher production of steam and hot water – 12 LT for 2 Gr. E 16 LT for la 3 Gr.
  • Programmable night cycle with significant reduction in consumption
  • Automatic cleaning delivery groups system
  • Delivery groups height increased for big cups
  • Strong pushbutton with mechanical keys “soft touch”
  • Exclusive use of noble metals for the body
  • Innovative heating system for cup warmer with low power consumption without maintenance
  • BLS System: body illuminated by multicolored LED lamps on the sides
  • MFS System: Milk Frothing System Patented:
    • Automatic hot milk setting
    • Automatic milk frothing setting (cappuccino)
    • Custom-made milk temperature setting
    • Custom-made milk foam quantity
  • WTS System – Water Treatment System:
    • Automatic water softening through active ionic resins
    • Removal of chlorine and bacteria present in the water through an additional filter with active silver carbon
    • Optimum water quality or to enjoy espresso in all its nuances
    • Automatic management of the regeneration of the resins, without stopping the machine

Hard to to expect more