Ongoing coffee machines technical evolution

Elektra is constantly improving in technological evolution, proof being the large number of significant and essential international patents have been registered over the years, such as the patent about the first espresso coffee machine with an automatic hydraulic unit in 1950.
The floating water level regulator without gaskets conceived as far back as 1960, the automatic dispensing unit equipped with solenoid valve, 1968, the electronically controlled 5-selection dispensing unit, studied and used for the first time in 1978; the first totally automatic machine in 1984.
But innovation for Elektra is not purely technical, it is also aesthetic: to mark the 50th anniversary of the company in 1997, for instance, Elektra launched the Barlume, the first machine combining retro charm with cutting-edge technology.
In 2009 it has been designed a machine that was fated to go down in the history books, thanks to its daring design and its highly advanced technology the Aletta is the first machine in the world with an automatic water softening system removing chlorine and lime scale from the water.


Superautomatica X15

First machine with hydraulic unit.

Elettrovalvola automatica

First automatic espresso delivery unit with solenoid valve in the world.

Erogazione elettronica

First espresso coffee machine with dispensing electronic control in the world.


First espresso fully automatic machine in the world.


Charme retrò style with lighted body.


First espresso machine in the world with WTS, an automatic water softening system that removes chlorine and calcium from the water.


First espresso machine which manages each group independently by a color touch screen display.