Ever since its establishment way back in 1947, the Fregnan name has been closely associated with the history of this Italian espresso machine manufacturer.
The history of the family is the history of the company.


The beginning

It all started with the grandfather who passed on his love for espresso machines to his son, Florindo, who, with the same passion and flair for business, established the company and stayed at its helm until the 90s, when he gradually handed over control to his sons, who still run it today. Three generations united by their love for beautiful, well-made objects. Three generations committed to pushing back the boundaries of technological innovation in their sector.
Three generations who, although proud of their past, look to the future.


1947, Cortina D'Ampezzo. "Presentation”of the prototype of the first lever espresso coffee machine.

The first automatic hydraulic unit machine

Fifty years ago the Fregnan family had already ascertained that in order to secure a winning product they would need to produce a user-friendly as well as easy-to-handle product.
The result of this concept are the rational and minimum maintenance Elektra machines. Through the years a well-defined and fully committed marketing strategy has permitted the company to successfully penetrate the most important international markets. Today Elektra is a company that supplies a 48-hour spare parts delivery service throughhout the world and which employs computer systems for company management. Even so, the machines are still made, one by one, according to the unsurpassed methods of craftsman expertise. In our case we consider that there is no substitute for human resources.



A great story that smells of coffee

During the 50s, the Elektra Founder, Mr. Florindo Fregnan, has designed and manufactured with passion and artisanal skill the espresso coffee machine “La Tarvisium”, this are the roots of the current brand name Elektra.
Elektra starts in a small lab, later in a workshop with few mechanics apprentices and at last in a true factory with skilled workers.
What was important for Florindo wasn’t the working place but the working method and the results achieved. The quality of any new product is verified with conscientiousness before releasing the coffee machines to the market by means of strict controls and test because they know that the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic reliability are the basis for a successful product that still today is synonymous of the Italian quality excellence.


1952-1955. Elektra workshop, the espresso coffee machines “La Tarvisium” are under construction.

Espresso machines can be admired in the coffee shops

“La Tarvisium” espresso coffee machines owed their growing popularity to the
outstanding quality of the product and their eye-catching design that appealed to
the style criteria of the time, that favored rounded slinky shapes.
Soon machines could be found in all the trendiest coffee shops and restaurants.
Today, as in the past, a beautiful coffee machine on the counter of any coffee shop furnishes, embellishes and sets the tone and style of the place.
It was therefore essential to be able to deliver a 100% reliable, easy-to-use machine that brewed a unique-tasting espresso that could be identified with the bartender.


1958-1959. “La Tarvisium” coffee machines are used by bartenders in the trendiest coffee shops of the day.

Elektra nowadays

The Fregnan family has been running Elektra continuously for more than sixty years.
Thanks to this continuity in management over the decades, important values such as quality, integrity, commitment, creativity and initiative have been handed down from one generation to the next; these qualities are the cornerstones of the company where father and sons each bring their own knowledge and experience to the table, resulting in a successful combination of innovation and tradition.
Today Elektra is run by CEO Federico Fregnan, who defines corporate sales strategies with his staff and by his brother Eng. Andrea Fregnan responsible of the R&D and Operations.