Events 05.29.2018

Good Ideas are born from good coffee

“Idee in Orbita!”, the TEDx event is taking place on May 26th 2018 inside the Infinite Area of Montebelluna.

Sold out for an event that inspires. Humanistic and scientific, social and sociological but also very concrete. With the ability to divulge, to create network and to spark the interest by linking business, organisations and people.

Elektra is Partner of this event to promote culture and Ideas that deserve to be spread.

The event is taking place in a surprising location hosting a restored cabin of a ATR-42 airplane.

The rhythm of the day is beat by two speaker, sat inside the airplane, spacing out the guess speeches while, alongside the nacelle, you could taste an excellent coffee brewed from the original Elektra Belle Epoque.


Idee in Orbita: to open up new perspectives, new local and global thoughts


12 speaker hanno toccato diverse tematiche di spicco del loro settore come la statistica, la linguistica, il pensiero laterale, l’Intelligenza artificiale, la scuola partecipativa e l’illustrazione. Un susseguirsi di interventi, della durata di 15 minuti l’uno, che hanno lanciato messaggi forti, storie emozionanti sulle quali riflettere, visioni nuove con cui guardare al futuro.
12 speakers talked about the most innovative ideas touching topic like statistics, linguistics, artificial intelligence and illustrations.

Speeches that have launched strong messages, exciting stories and new visions of the future.
During the event the students of the Hotel  Management School “Giuseppe Maffioli” of Montebelluna had the opportunity to became Barista for a day and took care of the coffee break using the beautiful Elektra Barlume, in the garden, and Elektra Belle Epoque inside the conference hall.

A day of personal growth, for everyone, with collective influences.