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Elektra at ISPO with Assosport

People love to taste some good caffeine everywhere in the world.

The pleasure of coffee is that in every circumstance, literally everywhere, it is appreciated and adored.This year, on the occasion of the most important European winter sports event held in Munich (ISPO), the Assosport Lounge bar was a meeting place for Italian entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers and sector operators who had the chance to admire the new espresso coffee machine Elektra KUP. In particular, during the expo, IOG BREAKFAST was held, a consolidated event dedicated to the foreign press with the aim of promoting Italian companies in the outdoor sector.  In this edition, 80,000 industry professionals from 120 countries have been reached. The largest participating countries – in order of importance – were Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Taiwan and United States. The share of international exhibitors touched a record of 89% (2018: 88%). Approximately 200,000 square meters of exhibition space, covering 18 halls, have counted 204 Italian exhibiting companies.

Benefits of Coffee on Sports performance

Have you ever wondered which are the benefits of caffeine in the athletes who play sports at a competitive level?

The most important Sport Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) has held a roundtable with a panel of experts in the field of sports science and nutrition to explore the role of caffeine in sports performance.

Research suggests that caffeine may have an ergogenic effect, or that it can improve physical performance by reducing symptoms of fatigue.

Moreover, caffeine can improve short term high-intensity performance.


The effect of caffeine on sports performance is most evident in endurance (aerobic) sports lasting longer than five minutes – e.g. running, cycling and rowing.

In these cases, caffeine consumption reduces muscle pain, helping to speed healing and recovery time.

As regards, instead, the quantities of coffee that can positively influence the achievement of the sports goal, it is important to know that the amount of caffeine contained in a cup depend on the type of coffee and the preparation methods. . About 60 mg characterize the espresso made with the Arabica blend, while a concentration between 60 and 120 mg connotes the cup with the Robusta.

The athlete, during a long performance, can enjoy the ergonomic effect drinking 4mg of caffeine per kg of his body weight. The number of cups depends on the parameter previous exposed.


Enjoy sports and coffee… brewed by an Elektra coffee machines J