Made to last Espresso Machines

It is essential to know that before being delivered every espresso machine is tested non-stop for 48 hours;
but besides testing the fully-assembled machine, all the machine parts, of which over 80% are manufactured in the company, are also scrupulously tried and tested.

Espresso coffee machines reliable and secure

In order to guarantee sheer perfection and punctual deliveries the Belle Epoque espresso coffee machine line, which is the line that best reflects the company image, has its own specific person in charge of controlling every machine throughout each work phase.
From production to packing all the models are thoroughly and minutely checked with packing carried out manually as to assure highest protection during shipping.
If one considers the long life and enhancement this product gives to any interior its design acquires special significance and the company is well aware that this feature has always guaranteed successful models which are winners both in classical and modern themes.