Elektra headquarters

Elektra headquarters are located in the industrial area of the city of Treviso, and a few miles from Venice.
The company’s original premises lie along the Terraglio, the famous Napoleonic road which connects Treviso to Venice and is home to some of the most stunning aristocratic villas in the Veneto region, whose artistic and architectural value are next to none.

Headquarters today

In the late ‘90s, the company restructured its production department, dividing it up more rationally and efficiently, and built a large new building for the management team and sales department. As well as the offices, there is also a large showroom where visitors can admire the machines currently in production together with the older models.


Elektra s.r.l. – Italian Espresso Coffee Machines
Via A. Volta 18, 31030 Dosson di Casier (Treviso) Italy
Tel +39 0422.490405 – Fax +39 0422.490620