Grinder MSC

Grinder Doser

MSC is a professional grinder doser in compact size to be joined to the home line of Elektra.
Built with a body in copper, polished or chromed. Equipped with a dispenser in brass chromed for both models and with a fine coffee dispenser in glass.
This grinder for the house it is a miniature of our professional coffee grinders with steel mills and low rpm engine for high quality grinding.

MSC Back

Model & specifications

Modello Units Boiler Capacity Voltage Frequency Power Height Width Depth Weight
L V Hz W cm – in cm – in cm – in kg – lbs
MS 110-230 60-50/60 180 38-15 18/7 26/10 7-15,4
MSC 110-230 60-50/60 180 38-15 18/7 26/10 7-15,4
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